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    "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive--to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." -Marcus Aurelius




  • Were you diagnosed with a terminal illness? What was once a natural part of life has become medicalized. We can help bring this natural end of life experience back to its sacred place. We can ask the powerful questions to assist you in making decisions based on your values and beliefs. The choices you make in the final months, weeks, days, or hours remaining can in turn honor family and loved ones as they grieve your death. We support you to create the end of life choices you envision. We can coach you through your current situation to how you see the last days of your life through action steps. We will help you create your legacy projects and support you to "create restorative environments, caring healing moments, and loving experiences guided by the end of life beliefs and choices of patients and families facing critical illness and death." (T. Estes, CDI founder).   



  • What is an End of Life Educator? A valuable resource for you to prepare to live your best life until the end. We want to "restore death to it's sacred place in the beauty, mystery and celebration of life" (T. Estes, CDI founder). We assist you in anyway you choose or we can simply "Be" with you. The focus is given with compassion and loving-kindness while offering peace of mind, through a meaningful, nurturing relationship. Now is the time to give this sacred moment the contemplative, serious, conscious thought it deserves. We can discuss Advance Directives and assist you in completing these important documents. As an aromatherapy practitioner of over 17 years, Judy can create single or blended oils for use by client or family to assist in creating support for relaxation, calm and grieving. 


  • Have you planned for your end-of-life care?  Very few of us stop to plan for our death. What would happen if everyone took the time to plan for a good end of life? Learn how to naturalize conversations about death with family and friends. When there are no more tests, medications, surgeries, or procedures remaining, there remains the precious life moments that you create to share your final days exactly where, how, and with whom you choose. We are there to walk with you as you create your vision and share your highest dreams for those you love and will leave behind. It is never too soon to plan.


  • Meet Your Living & Dying Well Advocate: As a private practice end-of-life care educator, Judy's allegiance is only to YOU, and she is not affiliated with any doctor, hospital, hospice or insurance company. In 1984, she was diagnosed with melanoma and informed she would not live beyond five years. The journey after surviving cancer led her to a career in nursing. She has dedicated her life to bring compassion and personal care in serving others, first as an RN and now as an end-of-life care educator. After completion of a patient advocacy program affiliated with the University of Arizona, she founded Gentle Sol Patient Advocates, LLC.  Subsequently, she attended and certified with the Sacred Passage Doula program and Conscious Dying Educator program at Boulder, Colorado's Conscious Dying Institute.                                                                                                         

  •   Judy is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Washington state with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Upon graduation, she joined the U.S. Army as an operating room nurse and MASH nurse. Judy is a veteran and currently receives medical care through the VA Medical System. She understands the challenges veterans face with the current healthcare system and acknowledges that all healthcare systems have reached a tipping point in complexity. This often leaves patients and families lost or confused, especially those facing end-of-life decisions. Judy always believed we can do so much more to bring human dignity back into how we care for others to include our beloved veterans.

  •    Judy has the knowledge, expertise, and professional skills to communicate with all healthcare providers and assists clients and their loved ones in the coordination of their desired end of life care wishes. She will help clients find their voice and develop the ability to express their dying needs with others. Clients are prepared to make their own decisions with confidence. Don't be part of the 70% who is unprepared for their end of life. We can help you learn how to make your end of life more meaningful.  



  • Purpose Statement:


     Everything we do at Gentle Sol Patient Advocates, LLC is because we believe in challenging the way most people      experience end-of-life care and planning in America. We BELIEVE there is a better way to prepare and create unique end-of-life experiences. 

  • Vision:


     Everyone deserves to be heard and fully informed about end-of-life care options that promote a sense of peace and well-being.


  • Guiding Principles:


     In 2013, Judy completed her Ph.D. dissertation based on the science of human caring theory by Dr. Jean Watson. The focus of this theory is on person-to-person relationships, human dignity, caring, compassion, integrity, and loving-kindness. She believes deeply in these principles as the way to serve and help others create an environment that encompasses these ideals. The Boulder, Colorado's Conscious Dying Institute developed conscious dying principles that marry well with caring science and are equally valued in care of the dying. Some of these are to "increase beauty, pleasure and contentment; provide emotional and spiritual support; and sit vigil, no one dies alone" (T. Estes, 2016). The Whole-Person Caring model forms an approach whereby "Each person manifests unique physical, mental, emotional, and social/relational patterns that are interrelated, inseparable, and continually evolving." (Thornton and Mariano, 2010). 


     Gentle Sol Patient Advocates, LLC  is founded and guided by these principles. When you partner with us, you will be  treated with respect and dignity at all times. We are committed to listening to you, advocating for you, and empowering you by serving as a valued resource on living and dying well matters. Additionally, we subscribe to the Health Advocate's Code Of Conduct and Professional Standards. We are a member of the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA). We will support you throughout your end of life care journey. Contact Judy for more information on this sacred approach to conscious dying.

"There are only four kinds of people in the world-those who have caregivers, those who are caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers". ~Rosalynn Carter



Everything We Do Is To Challenge The Status Quo


On How We Do End of Life Care and Planning

Everything We Do Is To Challenge The Status Quo



On How We Do End of Life Care and Planning


Gentle Sol Patient Advocates, LLC 
"The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity" ~Seneca 

7850 N Silverbell #114-298, Tucson, AZ 85743-8219

Tel: 520-955-7197

Email: gentlesolpatientadvocates@outlook.com

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Why hire a private practice End-Of-Life Educator and Consultant?


There is more to end-of-life care planning than having  Advance Directives in place. We have lost our way by removing the sacredness and gentleness that is possible by planning  your own end-of-life care plan. You may find  independent, consultant services helpful and healing whether you are an individual, family facing end-of-life decisions, whether at home, in or out of a hospice system, skilled nursing facility, or interested group of  people from your own network of friends, family, or professional life. 

We can coach and assist in developing a vision and life priority map for a best 3 months of life care plan. We can share methods, practices, and approaches, to bring healing and peace at the end of life. There IS a better way.


*Please call to find out more on how to retain the  services of your private end of life care coach and educator to consult and support you in end-of-life care. You may call or email to discuss fees for packaged and ala carte services, typically ten 1 hour care planning sessions as needed by client and family.

Why do I need an end-of-life care plan? I am in hospice.



When you partner with us, we will spend time listening to help you as you express final wishes. Together we can create the unique experience you desire and you can share with others how you envision your final days.

We can provide ideas and options you may not know are available to you and your family. Everyone deserves to have a better end-of-life experience. 

It takes a lot of emotional energy to focus on end of life care; we partner with you every step of the way to maintain focus on holding a sacred space through compassionate, support of your final decisions.

Plan for a good end of life.

*Disclaimer: No medical advice, therapy or nursing care is provided at any time. Please consult a physician for any medical advice or care. This service is not covered by insurance or Medicare and is a private, independent company. 



Have you found it to be a challenge to discuss your end-of-life decisions?


It is not easy to discuss end-of-life decisions with loved ones or those you care for. Our society does not like to discuss or dwell on end of life decisions. There is an underlying negative perspective about  death and dying matters. But we believe everyone should experience something more than we are currently receiving. 


We support receiving the  care YOU choose. We are all as unique as our finger prints and the experience we have at the end of our life should reflect our own unique being. We are here to walk you through the planning stages that create a plan that matters to you.


We work with you to create unique end-of-life experiences. We are available to speak to  groups, nursing students, organizations, staff, hospice & palliative care workers, and anyone interested in end-of-life care plans.

*For medical and healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and faith-based communities, please call to learn how we can provide a unique experience and introduce conversations about end of life options. 



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Gentle Sol Patient Advocates, LLC 

7850 N Silverbell #114-298, Tucson, AZ 85743-8219


Email: gentlesolpatientadvocates@outlook.com

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