Compassion & Happiness

Oprah interviews LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner on compassionate leadership, happiness and self-care. During the interview, he expresses that "foundational keys to compassionate living" include these self-care measures: "good night sleep, eat well, and work out daily". Who knew it could be that simple but powerful. Watch a segment of this interview to hear how to be happy in five brief steps. Seek out the interview in its entirety on Oprah's website. She tells you how at the end.

This interview marries well with the principles of the Conscious Dying Institute's (CDI) principles to connect, communicate and comfort. When he describes keys to compassionate living, he defines what is meant by compassion as a "connection between people". The CDI principles to connect, communicate and comfort embodies how we demonstrate compassion for self and others. Enjoy this small excerpt from Oprah's interview with Jeff Weiner and then go to her site to see the rest of the show. It is inspirational.

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